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Our team’s knowledge and experience was earned serving as City and County employees “inside the walls” of City Halls and Courthouses. 

Our expertise has grown through our services to cities and counties in four states.  This journey has accentuated our commitment to accuracy, ethics, customer service, and accountability.

PReMA Corp’s range of services include the following areas:

' Collection, processing, administration, and reporting of sales, use, lodging, rental, occupation and other local government taxes

' Revenue administration:  Business licenses, fees and charges for services, and other revenues

' Revenue enhancement:  Identification of new businesses and collection of non-compliant transactions

' Tax Auditing and Compliance

' Cost of Services Studies and related Fee Schedules

' Strategies for facilitating improved service delivery and cost containment measures

' Financial advisory services for capital improvement financing and access to capital markets

' Conflict resolution and consensus building

' Incorporation feasibility studies

' Organizational structure and management

' Develop financial resources to meet increasing service demands with limited revenues

' Economic development negotiation and financing

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